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Stationery Sets, Charms, and Store-Wide Sale!!

New stationery sets of Team Free Will have been put up in the store!
It’s my first time making them, but they turned out super cute!  I’m quite happy with the letter sets, having always been a rabid stationery collector.  I hope you guys like them too!

Also, for those that have been waiting, the Supernatural phone charms have been restocked!  Dean, Sam and Cas are all available.

To commemorate, all prints have been put on sale in the store!  But hurry, because the sale will only last a couple of weeks!

It’s been a long time since you’ve seen that face.

The third of five requests!  There were a few varied SPN requests, but I liked the prospect of an older Claire Novak as a hunter who meets her predecessors.  (In the future, I hope the Winchesters get to start families of their choosing.)

As a bonus, here’s a preview of something I’m working on, heheh.  Stationery has always been a weakness for me, you see…



i’m the one who gripped you tight and dunked you into the ocean
Making a (literal) splash is a great idea, but somewhere along the way you guys should have told the angel about sunblock.

The fourth of five requests!  Not much about this picture makes sense…but let’s just pretend Dean found an alternate way to canonball, even at the beach.

as you are ever again
So I see we had this epic season finale.  
Where…none of TFW died???!!!

Kevin Tran, advanced placement.

A super quick doodle for the cutest baby.  UvU

it’s us against the world
A new Supernatural print for this year’s con season!!!

Please do not reblog this image without proper credit.

I’m not angry; I understand that this is the internet and people are bound to do this, but when I see reposts like this having stripped everything from credit to comments away from things I have spent a lot of time on and drawn, it does make me very discouraged.  

The most I can do is ask the original poster to edit their post, but all the thousands of reblogs will still remain unaccredited and continue to perpetuate, so there’s really no good fix to the situation.

It seems as though the SPN fandom is most often guilty of this, so please take note the next time you want to post some unaccredited fanart.  It only takes a few moments to find out where the image came from using reverse image search.

Thank you.

A new challenger appears!
New charms for this year’s con season.  :)  Old ones will also be restocked, except for the Destiel and BBC Sherlock ones.  Those are retired!

These will officially start selling in May, but keep an eye out for these come April!  I´ll be selling a few of these online pre-con season for those who can´t make it to the East Coast.  :)