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I heard it was a bara baby assassin’s birthday today (or more like I forgot the fact), so I drew up a quick doodle in his honor.  Happy birthday, darlin’!

Finish The Redemption DLC → Connor Kenway feelings → Draw SNK!AU Connor Kenway?!  I bet he’d end up a really ruthlessly competent Lance Corporal who wont let anyone touch him.


AC Secret Santa 2012: For Le Petit Dragon
I admit it.  I am the worst. The worst person is me.

I was a bit intimidated at having such a CRAZY talented recipient, but I hope you like it!  This counts as ‘Haytham doing anything’ and ‘Connor in the Boston outfit’ right???


My gift for this year’s AC Secret Santa!  Because my sense of humor is the worst.

the young and old
Oh no Tanya lured me into thinking about Groundskeeper Achilles and itty bitty wizard Connor in Harry Potter / AC verse… 

the pack
Be careful when you cry wolf.

I’ve sat on this picture a day or two now and I’m tired of looking at it!!!  Also I’m really bad at wolves I know I’m so sorry…but I think it’s fascinating that unlike his ancestors, Connor is more likened to beast than bird!

A maybe-eventually-a-print.  I don’t know how to draw wolves and the only reason there is anything there in the picture at all is thanks to Kels, Lain and Chelsie who were kind enough to redline my horribly proportioned animals for me.


assassin whites
No matter how many times I draw him, Connor’s infinite amount of details in that deceivingly simple look DRIVES ME NUTS.

So, it’s the 24th, which means that the information embargo has officially been lifted from the NDA I signed!!!  SO LET ME TELL YOU GUYS - I was invited to Boston by Ubisoft on 9/17 - 9/19 to an AC3 preview event where I got to play a couple hours of Liberation, AC3 and AC3 Multiplayer!!!  

There, I met Gio and Luke and Fev, who are all the most precious people, and we went on a Boston Tea Party tour where I THREW TEA OVERBOARD LIKE CONNOR and went on a mad scavenger hunt in the rain and wind with (Ubi)Gabe and generally had a lot of alcohol at the open bars.  I spent the entire time being starstruck and generally in a state of really embarrassing excitement that I should probably regret more than I actually do.

But the most important piece of information I wanted to impart was the fact that there are palette swaps for Connor’s assassin outfit and there is a set called ASSASSIN WHITE (!!!) and I SWORE TO MYSELF I’D BE THE FIRST PERSON TO EVER DRAW FANART OF IT.  



stars & stripes
A piece I did for Ubisoft’s Art of the Assassin touring gallery!  Partnered with Rock the Vote to encourage young people to register to vote.  And also to become assassini. 

I had a bit of a short notice for this one, so I went with a pretty graphic, flatter style than usual.  But I think it helps get the idea of the mock-flag across in the illustration!  

If you’re in LA, Chicago, Boston, or New York, be on the lookout!  The show is supposed to hit all four cities at some point from now ‘til the end of October, and all pieces will be auctioned off at the end with profits going to Rock the Vote.