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summary of art: 2013
I can’t say I can see defined improvement this year either…but I’m still working hard.  Thank you for sticking by me this year.

summary of art: 2012
I’m not sure I improved as much as I wanted to.  ._.;;;  I’ll work harder next year.







weh I can’t remember what I played last

pretty sure I got really mad at prototype again and played portal

oh sweet i’m dead

I’m ready y’all ready

I don’t even know how I found this, but I’m JOININ’ IN

“Can’t I just talk the Darkspawn to death?” [x]

(the hobbyhorse is the coolest weapon, though, for the record…) 

Just for fun.  :)

alucifer asked:
Assassin's Creed!

If an assassin ever looks at you this way, run.

quietrobot asked:
Oh my bad @ _ @;; I'm sorry! But yes Legend of Korra is good too!

Oops I couldn’t pick a favorite.

Bolin stop trolling your brother.

megatenn asked:
hmmm, how about SMT then?

WELP this was just a little bit obvious, wasn’t it.

tearitar asked:
AM I LATE? if not then Baccano, please! ouo

My love for Luck Gandor was born out of roleplaying him for a while, admittedly.  As gentlemanly as he is, I think that deep down, he rivals Vino in terms of who is the most dangerous of the Gandor ‘brothers.’

Dragon Age

Stupid sulky elf.