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Just do as I say!!!

WHOA WHOA WHOA what’s that I thought I only made charms of the Assassins!!!  Well actually that’s true, except I wanted to make my good pal Gio something ‘cause he’s been asking for this, so now that his is on its way in the mail, I thought I’d sell some of the extras for those of you that are goddamn turncoats like the Templars.  :)

Haytham is a handmade charm, not manufactured, so he’s about 10% thinner than Printsess/Zap!Creative charms, but he’s also a little larger and coated with sealant so that he’s waterproof!  There’s also only about six of him for sale right now and I probably won’t make more because UGH HOW COULD YOU RAISE A HAND TOWARD CONNOR I don’t know if I’ll have the demand.

Anyway, each charm is $5 and comes with a black split ring lariat.  They’ll be mailed unattached so that they don’t break, and for each purchase I’ll include a little bust drawing of a character of your choosing for you!  Shipping within the US is $1.50.  I’m not shipping internationally right now, I’m sorry!

Please send me a PM if interested!


AC Secret Santa 2012: For Le Petit Dragon
I admit it.  I am the worst. The worst person is me.

I was a bit intimidated at having such a CRAZY talented recipient, but I hope you like it!  This counts as ‘Haytham doing anything’ and ‘Connor in the Boston outfit’ right???


My gift for this year’s AC Secret Santa!  Because my sense of humor is the worst.