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Fourth of the set and almost halfway through!  Those flowers were really hard to draw.  @v@;;

Also, all HQ charms are available on the store for preorder!  I’ve had a few people ask me when they would be in and the answer is mid-September, but if you don’t want to risk your favorite being sold out, now’s the time!  They won’t be restocked online again until the end of the year.

A happy early(?) birthday to chocotaur, author of Paladin Story, which is one of the funniest webcomics I’ve ever had the pleasure of following.  I was thinking about drawing these two some day, and when he mentioned that his birthday was coming up soon, it gave me the perfect excuse.

Please go check out his webcomic!  It’s short and SO HILARIOUS. 

Third of the set!  Asahi’s the sensitive type, of course.

summoning circle (WIP)
Not really feeling this one…I’ll have to figure out what to do with it some other time though.  Gotta draw Asahi with flowers.  : )

Second of the set!  Precious sunny child.  ;A;/)

Doodle (and bunny slippers).

I’m going to draw all of them in casual clothes with flowers.  UvU

But Suga first, because I’m excited to see him shine in the upcoming episodes!!!!  Go Vice-Captain go!  

the snake (II)
Please full-view for details!

I don’t know how to do art traditionally, so the best I can do is imitate them digitally…  That watercolor tutorial that’s been floating around is pretty awesome, but I’ve still got some work before I can use it effectively!