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Inktober (Week 2)
More inktober drawings.  Trying to keep diligent is harder than it sounds!

rival <> rival (WIP)
Some new charms that will be showing up soon.  A few people have asked for Oikawa, haha!  (What a popular trashbag…)

…And Nishinoya is so cute with his hair down…

Inktober (Week 1)
Just a small thumbnail recount of the ink drawings I’ve been doing so far for Inktober.  Bigger versions are on my twitter, but the photo quality unfortunately doesn’t improve much….

Also, all the HQ+Flower Postcards are back in stock and also available for individual purchase up at the store!  

The store will be closing next Wednesday for the rest of the month in preparation for the remainder of my 2014 cons.  :)

You had one.

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax fucking wrecked me.

Kageyama’s thinking: Just marry me already.  Probably.

Happy Friday!  I was like hey I wanna draw some HQs what should I draw and my friend was like hey how about THIS SUPER GAY IDEA SEE ABOVE.

I was like ok.

Inktober is this month!  It’s hard to think of something every day, so leave me some requests?  (Reply to this post only.)

(Doodle.)  I am so into Fukurodani’s setter, damn.

jump attack
Art trade with Aphelionix, who asked for Nishinoya pulling Asahi down for a chuu.   Thank you for the tradeeeee!