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sketch requests
A bunch of small sketches from this weekend.  I apologize for the poor quality of all the images - cell phone images are the best I can do, and I’m not very good at taking photos, especially of small things.  (The max size of these drawings is around 6 inches!)  That being said, my pen sketching is a bit lacking too.  orz;;;

In order, the requests were:

  • Calibri + Garamond Artist Trade Cards (done with 8bitbadguy)
  • Altair/Malik coffeeshop AU
  • Shy!Altair/Malik novices in a storm.
  • Persona!Connor
  • Sailor Mercury (?!)
  • GrumpyCat tea party.
  • Dance Central’s Glitch being…Asian.
  • Ike/Ranulf smooch IDK biting.
  • Lockweiler…and passing time on the subway.
  • A crappy Daijia. (not shown above)
  • A peaceful Lucy. (not shown above)
  • Calibri getting off….a soapbox???  (not shown above)
  • A random Calibri.  (not shown above)

dance, dance, dance
Based off designs done by diagnosis-pancakes.  Alternatively titled: Endy and Tanya are terrible human beings who win the awards for All The Worst AUs ever (in this case, a Dance Central AU, because we can).