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helping hand
And finally, the last of the five requests!  It takes me so long to do them, but I’m glad that I finally finished!

SNK!Altmal was also a super popular request, which surprised me!  (But pleasantly so.) Then again, Antagonistic Syrian Assassins will always be my favorite too, so who am I to speak?

the troubled dai
Guys, you can both hand in your feathers at the same time.  Like it will literally just take a second.  C’mon.

The first of the five requests - Jean and Eren as terrible assassins, and Armin as the poor bureau leader who has to deal with these blockheads.  Do you have any idea how many of the requests were just, “Attack on Titan / Assassin’s Creed crossover”?  Haha!

you and I revolve around the same center of mass

The last of the requests!!!  This is what happens when I try to mash as many requests together as possible.  I end up most likely disappointing EVERYBODY…  (Actually Jean is my favorite AoT character SHH.)

Excuse you, Evan.  Did Bentley say you could help him put his uniform straps on, huh?  Huh?

Queuing this up ‘cause I’m at AnimeNext!  Happy birthday to Kels!  Because you never need an excuse to put more of your OCs in SNK uniforms.  The bottom image is a bonus.  It was used to create the other half of his birthday present (and also my current phone wallpaper).   

Happy birthday to my darlin’ Tanya, who is always my go-to gal for AUs and a general good time.  UvU  It’s a little belated, but I hope you had a gone one!

Tanya asked for for Assassin’s Creed!Reiner and Berrytart as templars dressing up as assassins.  Boys, you’re doing it wrong - you have to take your templar uniforms off first.

Finish The Redemption DLC → Connor Kenway feelings → Draw SNK!AU Connor Kenway?!  I bet he’d end up a really ruthlessly competent Lance Corporal who wont let anyone touch him.

scouting legion
Okay guys, don’t look at me like you didn’t know this was coming.  Don’t even try it.

dance, dance, dance
Based off designs done by diagnosis-pancakes.  Alternatively titled: Endy and Tanya are terrible human beings who win the awards for All The Worst AUs ever (in this case, a Dance Central AU, because we can).