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I heard it was a bara baby assassin’s birthday today (or more like I forgot the fact), so I drew up a quick doodle in his honor.  Happy birthday, darlin’!

Finish The Redemption DLC → Connor Kenway feelings → Draw SNK!AU Connor Kenway?!  I bet he’d end up a really ruthlessly competent Lance Corporal who wont let anyone touch him.


AC Secret Santa 2012: For Le Petit Dragon
I admit it.  I am the worst. The worst person is me.

I was a bit intimidated at having such a CRAZY talented recipient, but I hope you like it!  This counts as ‘Haytham doing anything’ and ‘Connor in the Boston outfit’ right???


My gift for this year’s AC Secret Santa!  Because my sense of humor is the worst.

happy holidays 2012
Now that most people have received their cards, I can post this!  This was the design for this year’s holiday cards.  I hope they got to their recipients safely!  And if you didn’t receive one, the sentiment still stands.  

Assassins for everyone!!!! 

the young and old
Oh no Tanya lured me into thinking about Groundskeeper Achilles and itty bitty wizard Connor in Harry Potter / AC verse… 


This is my commission from mightier.
I am so absolutely done. I cannot. This is so perfect.

A sketch commission for a fellow AC fan.  :)  The pose was all her idea.

the pack
Be careful when you cry wolf.

I’ve sat on this picture a day or two now and I’m tired of looking at it!!!  Also I’m really bad at wolves I know I’m so sorry…but I think it’s fascinating that unlike his ancestors, Connor is more likened to beast than bird!