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drawing batch 1-3.2014
Here is a whole bunch of traditional drawings that I did so that you can see how much I actually suck at anything that isn’t digital!!!!  And also how bad my phone camera quality is.

The first line are gifts for people (except for the first, which was just a drawing to serve as a commission sample) and the next two lines are commissions and trades done for people from Anime Boston (which was so fun)!  I really lucked out this year and every single commission I got was ab-so-lutely unique and fun in their own right.  I’m really mad because I forgot to take a picture of one of the finished pictures but let me assure you it was fun to do too.

The…maybe…3 actual markers that I have started running out of ink on the first day and I am really sorry that all those circles ended up being blotchy but that’s not really an excuse I’m just bad at real media… OTL;;;

A commission for Maki!  She asked for a wallpaper of her super cute alter-ego!  ♥  This was super fun to do - I love green as an image color a lot too!

A batch of commissions done for Aerysta on dA!  I believe that these two (2nd and 3rd are the same character in different outfits) are from some sort of mafia, which I always love.  : )

A commission I did for the sweetest girl ever.  Becky’s a super talented writer and you should ALL GO CHECK HER OUT.  These are characters for her original story, Tick Tock, which is about scary things in the night and exhasperated cute redheaded maids.

In case you couldn’t tell I’m totally the best at synopses.

battle (Commission)
Finished!  I had an incredible amount of fun with this one.  Also, detail shots ‘cause I like their faces.  :)

Characters (c) HAMLETcomplex and coylele.

battle (WIP)
Kind of refreshing to do a complex commission once in a while!  These characters belong to HAMLETcomplex and coylele on dA.

(And just to say, there are a couple slots for commissions left!!!)

commission batch (november 2013)
Just a bunch of commissions I’ve been working on lately to keep things moving.  (Character templates, a half-body portrait, and more character templates, respectively.)

A commission for the lovely Sophie, who, let’s face it, couldn’t really have asked me for something better than Eren and Jean in 1920’s clothing doing ridiculous dancing poses.  

She gave me the Brooks Brothers’ line inspired by the Gatsby film so of course I drew Jean in the worst outfit of them all - the dorkiest big-collar sweater.