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[bemoans fifty-fifty rules forever]

curacao (II)
Reworked an old original print for Otakon.  Just looking from last year’s version to this, I can tell the way I drew them has changed…


my very overdue art trade with @mightier of her OC, Calibri. 
thanks again for trading with me! 8w8


untitled (charm progress)
I’ve been posting a lot of designs without actually showing you guys what the finished charms look like, so here are some of the recent ones I’ve gotten made recently!  Excuse the horrible picture quality and how the lighting changes depending on what time of day I took the pictures at…

As mentioned before, the Supernatural ones will appear at San Japan and Otakon, and the original ones are just for my homo heart.  : )

Self-indulgent charms, hehe.  I’ve been experimenting with making multi-sectional charms; I hope they turn out all right!  

A doodle to take a break from drawing serious stuff!  Weiler probably never actually dresses like this…but I’m sure Locke wouldn’t mind if he did.

a hijacked ship pt. 5

The end of the first ‘chapter’ of our shameless boys in space story.  I honestly don’t know if anyone would be interested in seeing the rest of this, but I thought I’d finish posting this first chapter at the very least.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4

summer line
I’m excited for warmer weather.  OvO
(Locke immediately makes Weiler wash out the black dye as soon as he recovers.)