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A little bit late, but the fourth request is a gift for my friend Koba, whose birthday just passed, and who expects too much of me when it comes to drawing dogs but for whom I tried hard for nonetheless.

For everyone else, however, happy Easter with pomeranians!!!

Locke’s a bigger fan of the natural look, but the job has its concessions.

page one
With help from my good friend Koba, I can finally present the first page of our new comic project.   We’re thinking about classifying it as a…Post-Modern Approach to Food Critique And Homo Love. 

a hijacked ship pt. 3

Flirting boys in space will never end.  (I’m not even kidding there’s almost 100 pages of this trash.)
Part 1 || Part 2

Part of the reason I get so mad at Jean Kirschstein is that his hair is almost exactly like my OC’s, except Evan is darker skinned and about a million times better at not being a baby brat (unlike his sister Viana).

Viana gets a comic-minded rehaul!  It was super fun to do some design work for my OCs after a long while.

I took out her obnoxious clashing colors and layers and replaced them with a sleeker, easier to draw design that would look better in black and white.  I left out a lot of things as I designed her, which basically boiled down to, “Do I really want to draw this detail five hundred times?”  

(The answer was almost always “no.”)

Been feeling a little down lately, so some OTP therapy was in order.  The sofa’s based on one I saw in this article.  

c i c u t a
(water hemlock)

For schumie!  Happy early birthday!  Let’s be real here, I’m never ever going to really turn down a request for OCs, even if it’s the most dysfunctional one I have.