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Locke’s a bigger fan of the natural look, but the job has its concessions.

page one
With help from my good friend Koba, I can finally present the first page of our new comic project.   We’re thinking about classifying it as a…Post-Modern Approach to Food Critique And Homo Love. 

a hijacked ship pt. 3

Flirting boys in space will never end.  (I’m not even kidding there’s almost 100 pages of this trash.)
Part 1 || Part 2

Part of the reason I get so mad at Jean Kirschstein is that his hair is almost exactly like my OC’s, except Evan is darker skinned and about a million times better at not being a baby brat (unlike his sister Viana).

Viana gets a comic-minded rehaul!  It was super fun to do some design work for my OCs after a long while.

I took out her obnoxious clashing colors and layers and replaced them with a sleeker, easier to draw design that would look better in black and white.  I left out a lot of things as I designed her, which basically boiled down to, “Do I really want to draw this detail five hundred times?”  

(The answer was almost always “no.”)

Been feeling a little down lately, so some OTP therapy was in order.  The sofa’s based on one I saw in this article.  

c i c u t a
(water hemlock)

For schumie!  Happy early birthday!  Let’s be real here, I’m never ever going to really turn down a request for OCs, even if it’s the most dysfunctional one I have.


a hijacked ship pt. 2

Continuation of the comic RP thing Endy and I have been doing! You can tell which ones are hers because they’re nice and neat…

This is some awesomely fun practice.

In case you needed more flirting boys in space.
Part 1 can be found here.