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cherry on top
Altair wishes it were sexy but clearly someone disapproves.  Second of the five requests!  It’s really nostalgic, drawing AU assassins being dumb.  Man.  Takes me back.

Also a reminder: my store still has a 20% OFF sale going on!  The code is SUPERBENDY - go get some art for cheap or you might miss your chance!

To you and your anime (girl/boy)friends.

helping hand
And finally, the last of the five requests!  It takes me so long to do them, but I’m glad that I finally finished!

SNK!Altmal was also a super popular request, which surprised me!  (But pleasantly so.) Then again, Antagonistic Syrian Assassins will always be my favorite too, so who am I to speak?

What if it’s already inside these walls?

The third of the five requests!  Looks like Altmal’s still goin’ strong.  

scouting legion
Okay guys, don’t look at me like you didn’t know this was coming.  Don’t even try it.

sketch requests
A bunch of small sketches from this weekend.  I apologize for the poor quality of all the images - cell phone images are the best I can do, and I’m not very good at taking photos, especially of small things.  (The max size of these drawings is around 6 inches!)  That being said, my pen sketching is a bit lacking too.  orz;;;

In order, the requests were:

  • Calibri + Garamond Artist Trade Cards (done with 8bitbadguy)
  • Altair/Malik coffeeshop AU
  • Shy!Altair/Malik novices in a storm.
  • Persona!Connor
  • Sailor Mercury (?!)
  • GrumpyCat tea party.
  • Dance Central’s Glitch being…Asian.
  • Ike/Ranulf smooch IDK biting.
  • Lockweiler…and passing time on the subway.
  • A crappy Daijia. (not shown above)
  • A peaceful Lucy. (not shown above)
  • Calibri getting off….a soapbox???  (not shown above)
  • A random Calibri.  (not shown above)

Malik, please.  This is a serious moment here.

Assassin’s Creed P4 AU, a la Tanya.  She told me that Shadow Altair would be this wimpy crybaby and I laughed.  Malik did too, apparently.

happy valentine’s day
Oops did you think I would pass up this perfect shameless opportunity to draw OTPs throwing Grandmaster robes over each other.