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My part of an art trade with Chelsie!  Theo is the ever-fashionable, ever-snooty master of Aequitas, in the same universe as the Campbell siblings.  He and Jimmy get along…swimmingly.

I am trying to make up for my ten-day vacation by drawing madly.  Is anyone else interested in an art trade?

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  2. impsandwaistcoats said: Wonder if it’s too late but I’d totally be down for an art trade! I haven’t done those in ages!
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    *A* Because Endy is fantastic LOOKITTHAT
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    rubs face against this and I wish my tablet was working sobs
  6. jimeng-xi said: I’d be honored to art trade if you would have me. ; q ;
  7. timbits-tootsie said: Oh gosh, I would love to do an art trade *///*
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  9. tearitar said: what do i have to do to get you to draw shadow altair
  10. hollowlaughter said: i would be i think my anipan is over here: anipan.com/1042#!/… if you’re interested
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