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You should all go play this game.  : )

Largely because I helped make it.  Also because it’s easy and if you need to take a break from work, these are one-minute fast games.  SUPPORT THE GAMING INDUSTRY GUYS.

If you help reblog this, I’ll pick a random liker/reblogger out of the list of notes at the end of the week and draw them anything they want, any fandom, any pair. (EVEN HOMESTUCK, KOBA.)  Drawing ended, thanks guys!

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    alright this was a legitimate game, and i love helping out indi developers, that’s always cool this makes me want to...
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    YES please do this is so much fun so far
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    GUYS PLAY THIS IT IS AWESOME!!!! It’s really addicting but I suck at it.
  5. coldpress said: Why are you the cutest designer ever, Endy. :<
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    If you have facebook, do try it. It’s addictive xD
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    I’m kinda tempted to start facebook account, if only to play games. o_o’
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    I… can’t play it because it’s on Facebook. but I will reblog anyway!
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    That fox is so cute. I want it. If the ears weren’t black, if Kit’s tail weren’t curled, and if I put clothes on her, my...
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    i am like addicted to this game
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  16. sumafu said: This is so cute <3 ill check it out!
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