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Megami Kouhousei/Candidate for Goddess is one of my early, early Yukiru Sugisaki fandoms.  It had a couple of drama CDs, an unfinished comic and a really terrible thirteen-episode OVA.  OH MAN the plot was kind of wonky from what I remember, but it had female-looking robots being piloted by (mostly) teenager boys and that was AWESOME.

These are the original five pilots of the five Ingrids.  I think if the series had continued on, they all would have probably died, because the main characters were the pilots-in-training.  ;A;  They had the best dynamic though!!!  I even named one of my favorite original characters off of one of them.  (WHAT KIND OF NAME IS RIOROUTE.)

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    pls friends i can’t be the only one who remembers this
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    OMG I loved this manga so much ;____; I hate Sugisaki for not continuing it D: Though she’s one of my favorite mangakas…...
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    I bawled my eyes out in this one ;___; It was the first complete manga series I bought. Even though it just kinda… cuts...
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    OHHH MY GOOOSHHH I loved this series.
  10. letscake said: Oh wow, blast from the past! I loved the artist who drew this series :)
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    ENDY I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!!!!! also I like this a lot.
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    megami kouhousei!! it’s so rare to see fanart of this series nngh.
  13. exmachinarium said: Oh my~ It’s been so long ago that I’ve heard anything from this fandom. I’ll have to read/rewatch it one day. And yes, the original pilots’ dynamics were amazing.
  14. stormcaptain said: omg someone else remembers this manga. .. okay I remember it very vaguely since I liked her other manga (DNAngel) more but still. This was way before I even started liking mechas.
  15. rueli said: Oh. my. GAWD! I just managed to scap up all the English DVDs this past summer~! I can’t get over how much I love this anime.
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