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To you and your anime (girl/boy)friends.


A quickie drawing of Enduro’s adorable characters Locke and Weiler~

Sorry for being so slow ;_;

oh my god OH NO this is a crisis THIS IS TOO CUTE and your style is SO GREAT with them look how expressive even the lines are WHAT DO I DO

Where he leads you don’t know.

Taking a break for some shingekis between filling up my sketchbook.

Some more commissions from earlier this year, to keep things moving.
Plus some new charms for the 2014 con season!

Some cop role…play, maybe?
I’m procrastinating from work a little bit.  >v<;;  But I’ll get back to it now!

Warm-up doodle.  Favorite touches and what they mean.

glooby witch
For witchsona week!  I have a gross cold, so I said I’d be a glooby witch - wrapped up and dropping tissues everywhere.

year of horse
I was like, “Oh no, what do I draw this year, it’s the year of the- …Ah.”

Happy lunar new year, tumblr!