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San Japan 2014
Hello everybody!  If you’ll be in the San Antonio, TX area and are attending San Japan, please drop by Table F15 in the Artist Alley to say hi!  I’ll be with my pal, Kels, and we’ll be selling new charms, print sets, and tons of other stuff for this year’s horror-themed convention!

I’ll have new prints (Blue Bloods [P3/P4U2] and Heather [SH3]), new charms (clear acrylic SPN charms), and new bags (Haikyuu! and SPN)!  I’m also trying to get rid of all my old charms, so for the first time, all 1” charms will be on sale for only $3!!!!

Even if you’re on a tight budget, just stop by to say hi!  This will be my first con in the South, and I’m super excited to meet people!

[bemoans fifty-fifty rules forever]

curacao (II)
Reworked an old original print for Otakon.  Just looking from last year’s version to this, I can tell the way I drew them has changed…

a dark, dark forest
After much sweat and tears, I was able to finish my entry for Light Grey Art Lab's Dream Arcade exhibition!  This is the splash page that will be released with the game.

The Dream Arcade show will be opening on September 12th!  If you’re in Minneapolis, I hope you drop by and play the games!  But if you’re a little too far away, all the games will be released for mobile devices and PC - check the Dream Arcade page for more information!  ( And to see games assets that far outclass mine.  OTL;;;; )

Karasuno 1/2 (complete)
Finished and sent off!  I hope all those blacks turn out all right in the printing process…

Karasuno 1/2 (WIP)

Half of a charm set, maybe…?  The other half will be taken care of by my tablemates.  UvU  (And good thing, too, because drawing eight of these might have killed me.)

I’ve gone off the deep end.  I’ve drawn my OC OTP as pets.  There’s no helping me.  Turn back while you can.  (Another doodle - I’m not very good at drawing animals, which is why I barely do so…)


I hit a follower milestone recently, which is really amazing to me.  Thank you to all of you for finding interest in my silly drawings.  UvU  I really appreciate it, so I’m going to be holding another giveaway for you guys!

This will be a giveaway for a complete set of charms.  You have your choice of the Assassin’s Creed Set, the Attack On Titan Set, or the new, yet-to-debut Supernatural Set!  If none of these sets fit your fancy, you can alternatively claim a Custom Charm Commission, where I’ll bake you two copies of a charm drawn solely for you! 

  • Followers can like/reblog for a maximum of 2 chances to enter. 
  • Domestic or International shipping will be covered by me!
  • The giveaway winner will be chosen on July 16th!

Once again, thank you for sticking by me so far!

Congratulations to lividfrappe for winning the giveaway!

Daytime doodle of the volleyball senpai of my heart.  

Also, I hit a follower milestone the other day!  So look forward to a giveaway soon!  Thank you all for following me!