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preview (We ♥ Daichi Book)
A preview for an illustration done for the Shijima Daichi book (Devil Survivor 2).  Check out the other super cute previews HERE!

Otakon 2014
Come find us by the wall this year!  Though we’ll be at two separate tables, deals will run across both Kezzart and my inventory!    

This is the last con of my summer season, so please stop by and say hi!

a dream of peace (preview)
A preview of a submission for the Dream in Color artbook.  I’m happy to have been invited!!!  (And given an excuse to draw my favorite things.)

karasuno (complete)
I kept on inking and inking characters and there were still more

karasuno (WIP)
Why do I keep on doing these gigantic group shots though.  o<-<

Post-Con Round-Up!  (San Japan 7)
I’m so exhausted, but San Japan was super fun (and super cold holy shit).  Thank you to everyone who stopped by and thanks to the staff, who all made me feel very welcome at my first Texas con!  

Here’s a roundup of most of the commissions I did over the weekend (I’m missing photos of a handful of them though…) and a bonus picture of art I received from trades!  (Except that Sumikko Gurashi kappa.  I traded cash for that one…)

I really wish my phone took better photos…

San Japan 2014
Hello everybody!  If you’ll be in the San Antonio, TX area and are attending San Japan, please drop by Table F15 in the Artist Alley to say hi!  I’ll be with my pal, Kels, and we’ll be selling new charms, print sets, and tons of other stuff for this year’s horror-themed convention!

I’ll have new prints (Blue Bloods [P3/P4U2] and Heather [SH3]), new charms (clear acrylic SPN charms), and new bags (Haikyuu! and SPN)!  I’m also trying to get rid of all my old charms, so for the first time, all 1” charms will be on sale for only $3!!!!

Even if you’re on a tight budget, just stop by to say hi!  This will be my first con in the South, and I’m super excited to meet people!

[bemoans fifty-fifty rules forever]