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the snake (II)
Please full-view for details!

I don’t know how to do art traditionally, so the best I can do is imitate them digitally…  That watercolor tutorial that’s been floating around is pretty awesome, but I’ve still got some work before I can use it effectively!

commission batch (Otakon 2014) + Loot!
A bunch of commissions and trades for the lovely folks last weekend a.k.a. my phone continues to take the worst photos ever 2014.  I think I forgot to take a picture of one last commission too.  ;A;

At the bottom are all the beautiful things I got from people at Otakon!  I was so happy to see familiar faces and I met so many people this time.  I’m really grateful for it!  I got to trade with a bunch of people I’ve always admired too.  /);A;(\  It’s still so crazy I can’t believe it AHHHH.

store reopening (Post-Otakon Sale!)
Loot and commission photos coming soon, but I’m back from Otakon and I’ve put up all the leftovers from the summer con season onto the store!  

This is the first chance to nab those clear acrylic charms and the new pouch designs online!  There aren’t a lot, so you better be quick!

A handful of new prints are also making their online debut.

Small 1” charms are also on sale for $3, and once they’re gone, they’ll never be made again!

Use code POSTOTA for $15 off your entire order!  The sale ends on 9/1/2014, so take advantage of it while you can!

commission batch (July 2014)
Some more commissions and trades I’ve done recently.

And a reminder to come visit us at Otakon tables M04 & M05 this weekend, where we’ll be doing pencil and ink commissions too!

One day they’ll find my computer and be like, ‘Did they ever draw anything else?’ and the answer will be ‘No.’

preview (We ♥ Daichi Book)
A preview for an illustration done for the Shijima Daichi book (Devil Survivor 2).  Check out the other super cute previews HERE!

Otakon 2014
Come find us by the wall this year!  Though we’ll be at two separate tables, deals will run across both Kezzart and my inventory!    

This is the last con of my summer season, so please stop by and say hi!

a dream of peace (preview)
A preview of a submission for the Dream in Color artbook.  I’m happy to have been invited!!!  (And given an excuse to draw my favorite things.)