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I’ve gone off the deep end.  I’ve drawn my OC OTP as pets.  There’s no helping me.  Turn back while you can.  (Another doodle - I’m not very good at drawing animals, which is why I barely do so…)


I hit a follower milestone recently, which is really amazing to me.  Thank you to all of you for finding interest in my silly drawings.  UvU  I really appreciate it, so I’m going to be holding another giveaway for you guys!

This will be a giveaway for a complete set of charms.  You have your choice of the Assassin’s Creed Set, the Attack On Titan Set, or the new, yet-to-debut Supernatural Set!  If none of these sets fit your fancy, you can alternatively claim a Custom Charm Commission, where I’ll bake you two copies of a charm drawn solely for you! 

  • Followers can like/reblog for a maximum of 2 chances to enter. 
  • Domestic or International shipping will be covered by me!
  • The giveaway winner will be chosen on July 16th!

Once again, thank you for sticking by me so far!

Congratulations to lividfrappe for winning the giveaway!

Daytime doodle of the volleyball senpai of my heart.  

Also, I hit a follower milestone the other day!  So look forward to a giveaway soon!  Thank you all for following me!

commission batch (June 2014)
A small bunch of character template commissions that I’ve been doing!  All characters (c) their respective owners.  


my very overdue art trade with @mightier of her OC, Calibri. 
thanks again for trading with me! 8w8


Congratulations, you little piece of shit.  You have a cameo and a figure that I’m clearing shelf space for.  God.

untitled (charm progress)
I’ve been posting a lot of designs without actually showing you guys what the finished charms look like, so here are some of the recent ones I’ve gotten made recently!  Excuse the horrible picture quality and how the lighting changes depending on what time of day I took the pictures at…

As mentioned before, the Supernatural ones will appear at San Japan and Otakon, and the original ones are just for my homo heart.  : )

Self-indulgent charms, hehe.  I’ve been experimenting with making multi-sectional charms; I hope they turn out all right!  

And the last but not least of the new set of pencil bags is my favorite drama action trio with serious daddy issues.

…Happy Father’s Day!