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One of my guilty pleasures is buying the Totoro ENSKY merchandise, and I wanted to create something like their cute, graphic patterns!

A commission for Maki!  She asked for a wallpaper of her super cute alter-ego!  ♥  This was super fun to do - I love green as an image color a lot too!

Been feeling a little down lately, so some OTP therapy was in order.  The sofa’s based on one I saw in this article.  

c i c u t a
(water hemlock)

For schumie!  Happy early birthday!  Let’s be real here, I’m never ever going to really turn down a request for OCs, even if it’s the most dysfunctional one I have.

A print that will be exclusive to San Japan, my first Texas convention, whose theme this year is Silent Hill!  Akira Yamaoka and everything - I’m so excited!  This will be part of a set with Henry (of SH4)!  

I don’t plan to sell this anywhere else given the small size of the fandom, but if you might be interested, do let me know!

A batch of commissions done for Aerysta on dA!  I believe that these two (2nd and 3rd are the same character in different outfits) are from some sort of mafia, which I always love.  : )

Now that the project is nearing completion, I can share the full preview of this illustration with you!  This was done for the Operation Requiem fanbook, and the theme I chose was, ‘victory,’ however ironically, heheh. 

Preorders for the charity book and its goodies are available now!  You can get this lovely assembled book with over 75 participating artists, along with postcards, charms, and buttons, to help raise funds for Charity: Water, dedicated to providing clean and safe drinking water to communities and countries that don’t have it available.  Larger prints of this image are also available at my shop!

Get some awesome art for an awesome cause!

A momentary dream of peace.

Some Erwin/Levi for Janet, an incredible artist that I have actually known for quite a long time!!   I hope you like it!  ♥