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I heard it was a bara baby assassin’s birthday today (or more like I forgot the fact), so I drew up a quick doodle in his honor.  Happy birthday, darlin’!

page one
With help from my good friend Koba, I can finally present the first page of our new comic project.   We’re thinking about classifying it as a…Post-Modern Approach to Food Critique And Homo Love. 

Thank you 5500!!!
(Not an April Fool’s joke, I promise.)  In the midst of all the convention rush, I hit this milestone a couple days ago!  Ironically, I’ve lost a few followers since then, bringing it below 5500, but it still counts!  (Right?)

Rather than a giveaway, I’ve decided to make this round a request round, considering it’s been a while since I’ve done them!  Please send me an ask with your request (no anonymous please) and I’ll chose the top 5 most interesting ones to draw!!  Fandoms (SNK, AC, etc.)  and OCs are both welcome!

Thank you once again to everyone who has stuck by me so far.  UvU  I’ll be in your care for the future, too.

Thank you to everyone!  Requests are closed; I’m going to begin doing them soon!!!

you belong to me

drawing batch 1-3.2014
Here is a whole bunch of traditional drawings that I did so that you can see how much I actually suck at anything that isn’t digital!!!!  And also how bad my phone camera quality is.

The first line are gifts for people (except for the first, which was just a drawing to serve as a commission sample) and the next two lines are commissions and trades done for people from Anime Boston (which was so fun)!  I really lucked out this year and every single commission I got was ab-so-lutely unique and fun in their own right.  I’m really mad because I forgot to take a picture of one of the finished pictures but let me assure you it was fun to do too.

The…maybe…3 actual markers that I have started running out of ink on the first day and I am really sorry that all those circles ended up being blotchy but that’s not really an excuse I’m just bad at real media… OTL;;;

a hijacked ship pt. 3

Flirting boys in space will never end.  (I’m not even kidding there’s almost 100 pages of this trash.)
Part 1 || Part 2

Part of the reason I get so mad at Jean Kirschstein is that his hair is almost exactly like my OC’s, except Evan is darker skinned and about a million times better at not being a baby brat (unlike his sister Viana).

Viana gets a comic-minded rehaul!  It was super fun to do some design work for my OCs after a long while.

I took out her obnoxious clashing colors and layers and replaced them with a sleeker, easier to draw design that would look better in black and white.  I left out a lot of things as I designed her, which basically boiled down to, “Do I really want to draw this detail five hundred times?”  

(The answer was almost always “no.”)