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commission batch
I was given the privilege to draw so many cute catboys lately, courtesy of the lovely miss Vaniraa!  *A*  Paid to draw homo catboys - that’s how you know life is good.

(Characters belong to commissioner; please do not use.)

flight response
I’m sorry, did you think that Rio would actually fight?????????  He’s actually the least combat inclined out of all five major characters.

Third of the five requests!  Elle's OC Alex and mine, from an old project that has been long abandoned (so it’s a wonder that Elle always remembers the characters…)

burns black
Thank you for trusting me until now.


I’m waiting to see you get messed up now, boy.

commission batch
A handful of recent commissions; with a handful yet for me to get started on amidst cons!  People always give me such wonderful characters to draw.  UvU  

(Characters belong to respective owners; please do not use.)

cherry on top
Altair wishes it were sexy but clearly someone disapproves.  Second of the five requests!  It’s really nostalgic, drawing AU assassins being dumb.  Man.  Takes me back.

Also a reminder: my store still has a 20% OFF sale going on!  The code is SUPERBENDY - go get some art for cheap or you might miss your chance!

Locke’s a bigger fan of the natural look, but the job has its concessions.


a hijacked ship pt. 4

More dumb boys in space from endy and I!!!! This is still before we agreed to at least make the pages the same width. oops.

Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3


I heard it was some dumb kid’s birthday today (SO MANY APRIL BIRTHDAYS), so I incorporated the first of the requests into this one - although, I guess it’s more implied than explicitly shown.  It could be anyone’s ghostly hands there…maybe.